Max relaxing in bed.

Dear reader,

Its been almost a year since I last traveled. I didn’t know where the open road would lead. I was preparing for it and working at a job that promised to let me be remote in the near future. My journey started after the loss of my best friend. A week after Max passed away my boss let me go stating I was rude. That it was a shame that nobody taught me manners.

Athena sitting at today’s ‘office’

After a bit of financial hardship I started making some money freelancing. Working like a dog in Florida at the start of summer while living in a van.

It took me longer then I care to admit to recognize that I was free to travel. I didn’t physically need to be anywhere. I had a few large clients land pretty quickly and things were looking good. I set my sights for the unknown, for adventure, and for doing what vanlife is all about. I started exploring.

Our path is foggy and we can’t see the destination until we get there.

Finally heading down the open road, not knowing what or where my destination was I just steered my home/office/van away from Florida. Away from all that I had known and grew accustomed to. Along the way I discovered that I’d like to share the journey and far too late I decided to start a blog. This blog.

For you, for me, and for the memories. It will be awhile before I can enjoy the open road. Like a wild animal caught in a zoo I feel my soul being crushed. My hopes being smothered just a little more with each passing day.

I don’t give up though. I can’t give up. I can’t live a life of normalcy, of typical mediocrity. I’ve never had a purpose until recently. Now that I have a purpose I can set goals, make plans, and get results.

Both my van and myself are ready to drive off into the sunset… again…

Most consider vanlife as an adventure. That is why I don’t consider myself a van lifer. I’m a van dweller. The sense of safety and security I get from living in a van is one that I can’t get elsewhere and don’t feel comfortable without. I know that good or bad, its unlikely I’ll loose what I’ve accumulated. Don’t get me wrong, the sense of adventure I get when I’m able to take a vacation, or just travel for a few months simply makes everything that much better.

On my journey I’ve hit a snag. In order to fully accomplish my goals I’m going to have to be strategic. First order of business, I want to ensure I’m always comfortable. That includes getting my van to a point where I’m able to live comfortably. I want to be able to live in my van comfortable in Atlanta during the summer as well as in Utqiagvik during the winter. I further don’t want to have to be worried about finances.

To that end I’ve started working on my van. I’m also exploring other options for additional sources of income. As I’m trying to write more, I’ll also include more of what I’m doing. What has worked, and what hasn’t.

Originally I started this blog to be all about the van. I think I’m going to make it all about van dwelling, and my journey to get back to van life.

What would you like to learn more about?

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