I’d like to start doing a weekly review. My thoughts, fears, etc. I’m going to be pretty open because why not.

To battery or not to battery, that is the question.

4.4kW battery

This week I’ve been struggling with the idea of purchasing another 4.4kW battery set. Its worth noting that I’m still financially recovering from the last purchase, and it gets worse. In the course of this week alone I’ve been hit with several medical bills as I attempt to resolve some issues from fatigue to a clogged sinus. I’m looking at over $300, with more expected in the immediate future.

While I have some emergency money set aside I don’t want to dip into it, and it isn’t exactly a great sum of money to start with. It is currently $200 and falling. I had $500 set in a bank account but that has been used to help me balance things out and get some battery related equipment!

My next check I’ll have maybe $500 to last until the check after that. If I didn’t get any medical bills and I kept my driving to a minimum that would be okay. The problem is, I’m expecting another $200 in medical bills at that time, if not more.

If anything happens, even something minor, I’m going to be in trouble. The long term outlook of all of this struggle is I’m going to have enough battery power to run my AC for 9 hours flat out, or 12-16 with it cycling off and on. I may want to add another pack after that for wiggle room, but it won’t be the rush it is now.

Speaking of power…

I’ve discovered I need to purchase more equipment because my BMS is faulty. Short version is, it doesn’t stop my individual cells from going to high or too low. I’ve got a BMS I’d like to try but it is $130 and will take a few weeks to get here.

I fear people in my life may be right. That there will always be another big project I’m going to want to accomplish. With regards to this power system I feel like I’ve been dumping in so much money for so long that I’ll always be broke. The goal is the exact opposite. To ensure that I can continue on comfortably during a period of little to no resources.

To add insult to injury…

Its been raining here, so much so that I’ve had to go into “low power” mode. My amazing solar panels are great at producing enough power to keep the lights on, but there hasn’t been enough power to run the AC. I use about 2-3kW to run the AC overnight. I’ve had days when I only got 600 watts for the entire day. That isn’t really enough for much of anything. Needless to say I’ve been stressing about power lately. Looking at all of the resources I have I believe I’m going to be better off beefing up my battery pack before I go to expanding the capabilities.

To sum up this week

In short, I’m feeling the full psychological effects of the resource scarcity mindset. It generally makes everything worse. This is a condition I’ve known about for some time, but that doesn’t make the results any less real. I’m very stressed right now. My anxiety is at an all time high. I’ve done everything I can in my life to not let myself get into this type of situation, and here I am deciding that for the better long term outlook I’m better off dealing with it.

Sometimes it feels like I hate myself.

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